Our services

Our numerous services include:
– Bespoke design and building works in association with others.
– Bespoke Joinery to suit architecture from 4 Centuries
– Fine re-decorations and painting
– Electrical & Plumbing installations and refurbishment
– Plaster and cornice decorative/ bespoke manufacture
– Plastering and lime renders
– Carpentry and installations
– Hard Landscaping
– Simple maintenance attendances
– Damp Proofing & Investigations

Commercial and Public Services
DM Building and Restoration are currently engaged in Commercial projects regarding the interpretation of design and sympathetic repairs to Listed Buildings. Their work varies from a small, partial refurbishment to a neo-modern copy of the Architect’s original scheme be it 200 years ago or five years since. Crucial knowledge and skills make them a required option in this sector of construction works. With a wealth of equaly capable craftsmen and contacts at their finger-tips they provide a “One Stop” for advice and service.

Working with Homeowners
Homeowners are an equally important outlet for their skills and knowledge. Discerning clients have used our experiences to complete exciting restorations – from a small walled area to a total internal reproduction. DMBR are capable of using the materials and crafts of the past or extol hand-hewn creations of yester-year. Equally they have re-modernised a state-of-the-art home to hi-tec specifications and pay equal homage to the creation of modern architecture using the latest materials. The same result and client satisfaction is a paramount factor in their ethos, regardless of the age of the building.

We have been invited on occasion to work within Churches and Cathedrals local to us. Private schools who have restoration projects are a welcome client and our previous works extend to this aspect of the Maintenance Sector.