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Director Duncan Mason explains the company ethos and talks about working with buildings from different periods.

Our simple ethos is that if the work fits the period, why change it? We appreciate the skills and designs of Architects and Designers from the past and in the future. From a hand-made brick to a forged steel joist – each has its own place in the architectural spectrum. We embrace the skills of yesteryear, brickwork, plastering and carpentry – tried and tested in every aspect. We have worked on buildings that dated back to Henry VIII’s reign and indeed have copied the hand-applied wattle and daub on wicker hurdles, which were the 16th Century form of plasterboard! We have saved ceilings from collapse by using Hessian and plaster of Paris to bond the ceilings into a stiff section. Our general impression is that the Georgian Period was the most advanced in architectural design and symmetrical design – probably … Continue reading